Pain emails show a powerful 'First Dude'

Todd Palin was intricately involved in official business of his wife's administration, according to newly released emails.

Obtained by MSNBC, the thousands of pages of emails demonstrate that former governor Sarah Palin's (R) husband, known informally as the "First Dude," was involved in "countless areas of state government and politics," including "potential board appointees, constituent complaints ... oil and gas production,  marine regulation, gas pipeline bids, postsecondary education, wildfires, and native Alaskan issues."

Todd Palin also played a role in state efforts to save a dairy, oil shale leasing, budget planning, and possible budget vetoes.

Closer to the former Vice Presidential candidate's personal life, Paling weighed in on staffing, both at the governor's mansion and in her office. He also had a say in how to handle the media, both for responding to "allegations" leveled at the then-governor and answering questions about daughter Bristol Palin's pregnancy.

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