Bidens share their love story for Valentine's Day

Vice President Joe Biden's wife Jill has an unusual tactic for making important policy points to her husband: "I make my point on his bathroom mirror," she told Good Morning America on Friday.

"A lot of times I Scotch tape a point I want to make -- or if I see an article in the paper. The tape goes back and forth."

The comment was part of an interview the Bidens did in advance of Valentine's Day this Sunday. Last year, in honor of the romantic holiday, Jill snuck into her husband's White House office and wrote "Jill loves Joe" all over his office window panes.

While they stayed mum about this year's Valentine's plans, they were quick to note how excited the vice president gets when his wife is at the White House, "It's kind of embarrassing," said Biden, blushing.

"I mean, I drive her nuts [when she visits the White House on business]. I ask my staff, "Why can't I go eat my soup [in the East Wing] with her?"

Jill Biden smiled, "And my staff [tells me], "He's coming over again."

The couple also spoke about the difficulties of political marriages, a timely topic while two of the country's best-selling books are about extramarital affairs by politicians, "The Politician" by Andrew Young and "Staying True" by South Carolina First Lady Jenny Sanford.

Biden said a lot of the political couples he knows have solid marriages; "I think this lifestyle is too tough not to really stick together. People say, "Oh, you know, everybody cheats in Washington." And that's not the truth. You have to have a strong marriage to survive it."

Asked how they make their political marriage work, Biden said, "As long as we know that the career is less important than the marriage, then it works ... this is no great love story ... everything works if the marriage is working."