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Television and radio talk show host Tony Kornheiser is no fan of Chris Matthews.

Kornheiser on Friday lit into the well known MNSBC personality, saying, "Nobody likes Chris Matthews."

The former Washington Post columnist and ex-broadcaster of Monday Night Football took great exception to Matthews's criticism of Washington, D.C. Mayor Adrian Fenty for the district's response to the record snowfall last week.

On his radio show, Kornheiser gleefully read an opinion piece in the Post by Jo-Ann Armao that noted Matthews lambasted Fenty last week for running a "city that can't plow its streets."

Armao opined that "Matthews is even more unlikable than the mayor."

Kornheiser said, "That is a critical sentence. You won't find five people in the city who will disagree with that even though Fenty's numbers are tumbling and nobody likes him. Nobody, nobody likes Chris Matthews."

He later said, "Chris Matthews is the last person on Earth anybody believes because he is a yeller and a screamer," claiming it is ridiculous for the city to have streets plowed so soon after the biggest storm to hit D.C. in 88 years.

Kornheiser said he "didn't think Fenty's response was terrible," asserting the city's initial response was better than Montgomery County's.

Senate Budget Committee Chairman Kent Conrad (D), who sees a lot of snow in his home state of North Dakota, agrees with Kornheiser.

During a hearing last week, Conrad said, "Those of us from North Dakota feel right at home with these conditions, but in fairness, this city, I think, has done a remarkably good job given how much snow has fallen here. I certainly found, once you are able to get your car dug out, you can move around. So hats off to the D.C. government for really, I think, doing a remarkably good job in extremely difficult conditions. This would even tough back home."

Kornheiser on Friday was pressed by a colleague about his criticisms of the road conditions in the Washington area.

He responded with a caveat: "I'm an idiot."

A spokeswoman for MSNBC declined to comment.

The two media personalities could continue the discussion at the White House Correspondents' Association dinner later this year. Both Matthews and Kornheiser are regulars at the annual event.