Obama: I check my BlackBerry every 30 minutes for Olympics results

President Barack Obama said Thursday that he checks his BlackBerry every half hour to find out how the U.S. is doing in the 2010 Winter Olympics.

Stumping for Sen. Michael Bennet (D) in Colorado, Obama noted that the state is the training ground for a few Winter Olympians. He named some medal winners this year who hail from Colorado, adding, "So I just want all of our Olympians to know that the United States of America is proud of you, we are cheering for you every day. I am checking my BlackBerry every half hour to see how things turn out."

The U.S. leads the Olympics medal count with 15, followed by Germany with 11 and Norway with 8.

During his speech, Obama praised Bennet while acknowledging he is a bit green in politics: "...he's new to politics...he hasn't learned the best way to keep your poll numbers up is just to smile and wave and pretend like you're doing something and not really doing anything that might offend anybody; he hasn't perfected the seven-second sound bite. He's never even made a TV ad. Heaven forbid. And he's facing reelection in a tough political climate."

Obama urged the Colorado audience to caucus for Bennet in March "and then fight for him all the way to November."