Capitol parking rules to crack down Monday

Starting Monday morning, the fun's over when it comes to parking on Capitol Hill

Many staffers applauded the relaxation of parking restricitions during the past few weeks of "Snowmaggedon."

But, according to a notification sent on Friday afternoon, all street parking restrictions and reserved parking lots on Capitol Hill will revert back to their pre-blizzard rules starting Monday morning. The areas affected include House and Senate parking lots, surrounding streets, and the garage at the Thurgood Marshall Judiciary Office Building.

The notice warned that there may be more cars than there are spots, even in reserved parking lots, as the Capitol returns to work en masse for the first time in nearly a month.

The Senate Parking Office recommends that congressional staffers hop on Metro or carpool. Those who have reserved parking passes should try to get in before 10 a.m. After reserved parking lots fill up, authorized cars will be sent to lots 16, 18, or 19.