President Barack Obama's recent physical revealed two weak spots, his cholesterol level and his ongoing "smoking cessation efforts."
White House Press Secretary Robert Gibbs pointed to the campaign diet and too many desserts from the White House kitchen as likely triggers for the high cholesterol. "Look, those guys make good desserts over there [in the White House kitchen]," he said, and "if it's available, you're more likely to eat it."

Gibbs said he joked with Obama aboard Marine One while returning from the physical that the president should probably "push away from the table when the pie [comes]" more than he has in the past year.
Gibbs also ribbed the White House press corps, which has he said overestimated how healthy Obama's diet is. "You guys thought he walked around carrying arugula in his pocket to snack on."

Whether he's eating lettuce or lemon meringue pie, one thing's certain, Obama has remained slender, which may have something to do with his second weak spot: smoking. Obama is still struggling to quit, said Gibbs, and while he chews nicotine gum to help ease cravings, the president "occasionally falls off the wagon."

Asked whether the stress of how his first year in office might be hindering Obama's efforts to quit, Gibbs said, "I can't imagine that helps."

H/T: Sam Youngman