White House Press Secretary Robert Gibbs lost another bet on Sunday with Canada over Olympic hockey. The question is, when's he going to pay up?

Gibbs showed up for the daily press briefing Monday in a suit and a purple tie, notably not the Canadian hockey sweater he promised his Canadian counterpart he would wear to a briefing should Team USA men's hockey lose to Team Canada, which they did, 3-2 in overtime.

Gibbs said he is in the process of acquiring the sweater, following what he called a "fabulous game."

Gibbs had better hurry: he has two weeks to wear the jersey, which he has to keep on for at least the first 15 minutes of a daily briefing in front of the cameras.

Apparently our neighbors to the North are watching closely. "Trust me, the Canadians have kept in close contact," Gibbs joked.

When asked what size jersey he might be wearing, Gibbs deadpanned: "Im definitely a medium. Can't you tell?"

H/T: Sam Youngman