White House Easter eggs revealed

If you thought the White House Easter eggs this year would be delicious treats from the president's celebrated chefs, think again.

The eggs for the 2010 White House Easter Egg Roll will made of hardwood, and while they're definitely not edible, at least they're biodegradable.

The White House on Monday released photos of this year's egg design, which features an awfully fit-looking Easter Bunny. Only problem is he's not hopping. He's jogging.

The bunny is part of First Lady Michelle Obama's "Let's Move!" fitness campaign. Even more good news: By offering hardwood eggs to kids, the White House will spare their little guests the 90 calories in a real egg, or the 135 calories of a Cadbury's creme egg.

The eggs, which come in dark pink, lime green, yellow, and lavender, also have the President and First Lady's official signatures on them, written in vegetable-oil-based ink, of course.

And while the April 5 festivities are only open to kids 12 and under and their families, anyone can purchase a souvenir egg at the White House website.