Blagojevich to read Letterman's 'Top Ten' Wednesday

Former Illinois Gov. Rod Blagojevich (D) is coming to late-night. Again.
Blagojevich's spokesman announced Tuesday that the lawmaker-turned-reality-show-contestant will read David Letterman's 'Top Ten' list Wednesday night on CBS.

It's the second time in just over a year that Blagojevich has appeared on Letterman's show, and some might wonder why he's returning after the first time. In February of last year, Letterman grilled the lawmaker just days after he was impeached by the Illinois Legislature on charges of abusing the powers of his office.
"I've been wanting to be on your show in the worst way for the longest time," Blagojevich told the host at the beginning of his interview.
"Well, you're on in the worst way, believe me," Letterman deadpanned.
"The Late Show" won't be Blagojevich's only appearance on the small screen this week: He's also a contestant on NBC's "Celebrity Apprentice," which premieres on Sunday night.
He'll compete to raise money for his favorite charity, the Children's Cancer Center in Tampa on the Donald Trump-produced reality show.