Grayson's daughter: send Dad money

Campaign fundraising e-mails usually follow a pretty standard format, but Rep. Alan Grayson (D-Fla.) broke the mold this week.

Grayson’s campaign sent supporters a letter on Wednesday ostensibly written by Grayson’s daughter, Skye (picutred here, far right). 

In it, Skye tells the story of a “special birthday gift” she received from her dad, to whom she refers as “Congressman Daddy.”

His “present” on her 10th birthday was to tell the story of how Skye got her name. Apparently, Grayson read a book once about children born to Vietnamese mothers and American servicemen during the Vietnam War. One of the girls in the book felt too ashamed to look up at the sky.

Grayson and his wife, Lolita Grayson, whom the letter mentions is Asian, didn’t want their daughter to be embarrassed like the girl in the book, so they tacked on an E and named her Skye. End of story.

The e-mail ends with a “Thank you” from the child to “Congressman Daddy,” and right below that, a place to contribute to Grayson’s reelection campaign.


Aside from the odd move of having a child pen a request for campaign funds, the letter is devoid of any mention of politics.

One thing is clear: The Graysons like the letter S. The couple’s other children are named Star, Sage, Storm and Stone.

Grayson’s campaign declined to comment.