Rep. Weiner takes aim at Senate

Rep. Anthony Weiner (D-N.Y.) doesn’t engage in discussions with others in the shower. At least not with Rahm Emanuel.

In an interview Wednesday with radio shock jock Don Imus on Fox Business Network's "Imus in the Morning," Weiner was asked about allegations by former Rep. Eric Massa (D-N.Y.) that the White House chief of staff confronted Massa in the locker room of the House gym over a vote last year while the two were both nude. (Emanuel denies the incident took place.) Imus wanted to know whether Weiner ever had a naked chat with Emanuel. Weiner smiled, “I’ve got a few hard and fast rules: One of them is not to get in sword fights with Rahm Emanuel in the morning.”

But that wasn’t all the House Democrat had to say in the five-minute spot — he also took swipes at Massa and the upper chamber.

As for Massa, who is at the center of a growing ethics scandal despite having resigned on Tuesday, Weiner said he’s “one taco short of a Happy Meal, or one taco short of a combo, or whatever the expression is.”

Actually, it’s neither. McDonald’s, maker of the Happy Meal, serves french fries. Not tacos. But don’t expect Weiner to know much about fast food. The lawmaker said he was just coming from the gym, and judging by his trim figure, it doesn’t look like Weiner eats a lot of burgers and fries.

Maybe it’s a pre-wedding diet: Weiner will marry Hillary Clinton’s longtime traveling aide, Huma Abedin, this summer, in a wedding that should be a big Democratic love-fest. As for who’s going to be on the guest list, Weiner responded, “I learned early on in these negotiations that I’m authorized to say absolutely nothing about this subject.”

While Weiner stayed mum on his wedding, he saved some of his sharpest barbs for the Senate. Asked whether he aspired to join the upper chamber someday, Weiner sniped, “Who would want that job? You get elected and they issue a walker and an oxygen tank or something. I’m not sure I’d want to serve in that body. It’s not clear what they do over there.”

Ouch! Weiner’s age joke is a little off, too, given that he is older than “oxygen tank-toting” Sen. Michael Bennet (D-Colo.), if only by a few months.