Conyers's wife sentenced to three years in prison

Monica Conyers, the wife of veteran Rep. John Conyers (D-Mich.), was sentenced in federal court Wednesday to 37 months in prison.

Mrs. Conyers (shown here in the hat), a former Detroit City Councilwoman, was sentenced to 37 months and two years of supervised probation after being convicted last year of bribery charges.

A federal judge sentenced the former councilwoman despite her having tried to withdraw her guilty plea in the case, the Detroit Free Press reported. Prosecutors had sought a sentence as long as four years.

Conyers pled guilty to accepting bribes to influence a key city council vote on a contract for disposal of sludge and waste.

It's not clear whether her husband, the chairman of the House Judiciary Committee,  was present for the sentencing, though the Detroit News reported Wednesday that Mr. Conyers had missed House votes Tuesday and today.

The congressman has consistently avoided questions about his wife's legal woes, a matter which could extend into the future after Mrs. Conyers reportedly vowed, angrily, to appeal her sentence.

A former political aid to Conyers, Sam Riddle, is also on trial on corruption allegations. His first trial ended in a mistrial.