Oh Canada! Gibbs makes good on his Olympic wager

White House press secretary Robert Gibbs wore a Canadian Olympic hockey jersey to the press briefing Friday, paying his debt to his Canadian counterpart after losing a wager over the final Olympic men's hockey game.

Gibbs wore jersey number 39, in honor of U.S. goalie and MVP Ryan Miller. Gibbs's name was written on the back.

The president's spokesman also said the U.S. ambassador to Canada was instructed by President Barack Obama to deliver a case of Molson Canadian and Yuengling beer to Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper to make good on the two leaders' bet over the same game. Team Canada beat Team USA 3-2 in overtime.

But in the middle of the press conference, Gibbs had another surprise for journalists: he peeled off his Canadian jersey to reveal a Team USA jersey underneath.

This prompted one reporter to ask if Gibbs planned on taking anything else off that day.

Gibbs fired back, "That's Rahm, man. That's your chief of staff," a reference to reports that Rahm Emanuel confronted ex-Rep. Eric Massa (D-N.Y.) in the House gym while both were nude.

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