Karl Rove had breakfast with lingerie-clad Elizabeth Taylor

It’s a confession sure to spark jealousy in a generation of American men, but Karl Rove writes in his new memoir that he once had breakfast with Elizabeth Taylor. He in a suit. She in lingerie.

According to "Courage and Consequence," the former White House political adviser was 25 years old at the time and working for the Virginia Republican Party. Taylor was on her seventh marriage, this one to former Sen. John Warner (R-Va.), who asked Rove to come by one morning and discuss a speech he was giving.

Rove writes that he arrived at their house for the meeting, but instead of being greeted by Warner, Taylor answered the door — “Herself. Alone. In a revealing dressing gown and lingerie. I was agog. Her eyes really were violet.” We’re glad to know he was only looking at her, um, eyes.

While Warner went upstairs to change, Rove and Taylor settled down to eat breakfast. “I had breakfast with one of history’s most beautiful women,” Rove recalls, “sitting across the table from me in her nightie, making small talk about her husband’s appearance later that morning. She was thinking politics, I was not.”