Bill Clinton: I was overfed as a kid

His battle with weight started when he was a baby, Bill Clinton confessed to Newsweek’s Jon Meacham.

The 42nd president, who struggled to stay fit during his two-terms in office and had quadruple bypass surgery in 2004, spoke at the National Press Club Tuesday.

He was there to lend support to First Lady Michelle Obama’s drive to reduce childhood obesity, and he said he had been overfed by his mother from an early age. “I had food shoved down my gullet from the time I was an infant.”

Looking a bit sunburned, Clinton reflected on his recent hospitalization for chest pain. Shortly before entering the hospital he said, "I looked like death warmed over."

Since the latest scare, Clinton said he's made even more changes to his diet. “I stopped eating red meat, except once a month. Now, it’s almost always vegetables and fruits.”

Once known for his love of burgers and fries, Clinton said that he didn’t mind the sacrifices. “Besides, my daughter’s getting married this summer,” he joked, and Chelsea wants her dad alive and well to walk her down the aisle.

He’s not completely depriving himself, Clinton admitted. He still walks to Starbucks for coffee and a raspberry scone, (the scone alone packs a whopping 460 calories and 19 grams of fat).