Snyder’s 3-year-old: ‘I’m dressed like a congressman with no pants on!’

Rep. Vic Snyder’s (D-Ark.) son, Penn, is almost 4 years old, and he’s beginning to want to dress like his dad. Just without the pants.

Penn (shown here in a different ensemble) was being dressed this week for an annual Easter photo with his three brothers; Penn will turn 4 in May, and his brothers are 15-month-old triplets. Snyder’s wife, Betsy, told ITK it was no problem getting her eldest son into a blue shirt and blazer, but the pants were another story.

“I’m dressed like a congressman, but I don’t have any pants on!” the toddler said.

Funny. There have been a few actual congressmen with that problem, too.

As Snyder recalled, “Yep, all he had on below was his underwear, a nice selection of fire engines and doggies.”

Betsy told her son, in mock seriousness: “Yeah, well, let’s not go around telling people you’re dressed like a congressman with no pants on.”

Good call, Mrs. Snyder.

Snyder also wrote about the incident on her blog, Stepping on Cheerios.

Photo courtesy of Dixie Knight Photography