Salahis get TV and book deals, but questions remain about polo tournament

White House gate crashers Tareq and Michaele Salahi didn't have anything in January to say to a congressional panel investigating their infamous security breach. But it appears that now they've got enough to fill an entire book.

Literary agent Sharlene Martin has confirmed to The Daily Beast that the Salahis are writing a tell-all book about their experience slipping into a White House state dinner in November, and the media firestorm that followed.

“People will be surprised when the truth about the Salahis is finally told,” Martin said.

The book deal announcement comes on the heels of reports that Bravo is shopping advertising and promotional spots on the reality show that spawned the entire Salahi affair, "The Real Housewives of D.C.," and that 12 episodes of the show will air in July.

As recently as a month ago, there was speculation that the Salahis would face criminal prosecution for making false statements to a Secret Service officer. They were recently informed that no charges would be filed, freeing the couple, and Bravo, to promote the show.

Also on the calendar for the Salahis is the polo tournament they operate, the America's Cup of Polo, scheduled for June 12. ITK received a Facebook invitation for the tournament this past week, announcing that the match would be between the USA and India.

But a spokeswoman for the Indian Embassy said Indian participation in the tournament had been cancelled in early December. ITK also contacted three of the official partner companies listed on the invitation, Georgetown Cupcake, Smith and Wesson, and Chanel. None of them were aware of being listed as partners.

America's Cup of Polo declined to comment on the sponsorships or the team arrangement.