Obama's bracket in middle-of-pack heading into Final Four

President Barack Obama finds himself squarely in the middle of the pack when it comes to his March Madness picks.

Heading into next weekend's Final Four matchups, the president, like many other college hoops fans, picked none of the four teams set to contend for the national championship correctly.

Obama's picks rank in the 55.8th percentile, according to ESPN.com, which made the presidential bracket available to the public for a second straight year.

Bracket busters like Michigan State and Butler tripped up Obama (shown here making his 2009 picks on ESPN), while the president didn't anticipate West Virginia and Duke making their way to the semifinals.

Obama instead had picked Kansas State, Kansas, Kentucky and Villanova in his Final Four, with the Jayhawks over the Wildcats in the finals.

The president's women's bracket is in much better shape, by comparison. Although the women's Final Four is yet to be determined, his national championship team, the record-setting University of Connecticut Huskies, are still in the tournament and looking strong