Toby Keith, a Democrat, had 'no idea' he was featured on Palin's new show

Platinum album-selling country singer and registered Democrat Toby Keith was a bit surprised when he was featured in ads for Sarah Palin's new show on Fox News Channel, "Real American Stories."

Keith's spokesman told Hitflix late Wednesday that the singer was "never contacted by Fox," and that he had "no idea what interview [the footage] is taken from.

"They're promoting this like it's a brand new interview. [Keith] never sat down with Sarah Palin," he said.

Keith is the second celebrity in as many days to protest the use of an old interview he gave to Fox News Channel as a means to promote Palin's show, which premieres Thursday night.

Rapper and actor LL Cool J learned late Tuesday that an interview he conducted with a Fox News Channel reporter in 2008 was also being repackaged for the show and used to promote its opening episode. LL complained publicly about what he characterized as a 'misrepresentation' on his Twitter account. Fox News Channel announced Wednesday that LL had been edited out of the episode.

Press releases sent out by Fox News Channel about the first episode touted interviews and profiles of Keith, LL, and former GE CEO Jack Welch, in addition to military veterans and other "real Americans."

Fox News Channel told Mediaite they had spoken to members of Keith's team, including publicist Elaine Schock, about using the interview.