Gov. Pawlenty holds first Facebook town hall

Minnesota Gov. Tim Pawlenty (R) held a unique town hall meeting Wednesday night -- on Facebook. Pawlenty's Facebook fan page was set up with a special "Town Hall" tab where visitors could click onto avirtual webchat of sorts. Pawlenty was shown seated between an American flag and a Minnesota state flag.

He read about a dozen questions from viewers from the national to the local level, including one on national security issues and another on school budget cuts in Minnesota.

Also, like lots of new technology, there was a minor glitch about midway through the event, reported. The screen went black temporarily, but all viewers had to do was refresh their browsers to continue watching the meeting.

Pawlenty's Facebook page status now reads: "That was a blast. I think we should do more Facebook town halls in the future. Thanks to all who participated and we'll do the best we can to get more questions in during future events."

Pawlenty is considering a  run for president in 2012.