There was an all-star lineup of the nation's most influential, and financially successful, Christian pastors in America at the White House on Tuesday for the annual Easter prayer breakfast.

There aren't your typical Sunday preachers, they're mega-preachers, with mega churches to back it up. Many of them deliver sermons to tens of thousands of people every Sunday, sell millions of copies of their books, and run huge operations that function more like small towns than your local church.

For example, Pastor Kirbyjon Caldwell's Windsor Village United Methodist Church, in Texas, has 14,000 members, and his book, "The Gospel of Good Success: A Road Map to Spiritual, Emotional, and Financial Wholeness" sold millions of copies.

So did both of Pastor Joel Osteen's books, "Become a Better You" and "Your Best Life Now." As the leader of the Lakewood Church in Texas, Osteen (shown here with his wife, Victoria) has a weekly viewership that hovers around seven million people on TV and online with 16,800 in the pews.

Perhaps the biggest megachurch star in the country was in D.C. for the event, too: Pastor Bill Hybels, considered by many to be the most influential Christian leader of the past decade. Every Sunday, more than 18,000 believers show up to hear Hybels at his Willow Creek Community Church in Illinois. And when it comes to authorship, Hybels is seriously prolific. The pastor has written or contributed to more than 45 separate titles.