Inhofe: 'There's nothing nice' about Pelosi

Sen. Jim Inhofe (R) disagrees with his Oklahoma GOP colleague: House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) is not a nice person.

Inhofe took exception to Sen. Tom Coburn's (R-Okla.) defense of the speaker as a "nice lady," despite his disagreements with her. 

"There's nothing nice about Nancy," Inhofe said during an interview on KFAQ radio in Oklahoma this morning. "She disagrees with everything we believe."

Coburn had surprised some of his conservative constituents by sticking up for the speaker this week.

"She is nice – how many of you all have met her? She’s a nice person,” Coburn said. "Just because somebody disagrees with you don’t mean they’re not a good person."

Inhofe had a slightly different take.

"She is a powerful person," he said. "People wonder how she can keep getting reelected -- just go out to her district."