'Meet the Press' goes hi-def with a new set

NBC's longest running show, “Meet the Press with David Gregory,” is going hi-def, with a new set to boot.

On Sunday, May 2, MTP will debut in high-definition, with a brand new set design, which host David Gregory said in a press release on Monday will reflect "the ways in which the program is evolving while staying true to the core mission and traditions of the show.’”

While the details of the new set are being kept under wraps at NBC, executive producer Betsy Fischer said the set will have "added versatility that will enhance our interviews and better engage our viewers ... and contemporary design elements in a stately setting."

But the new hi-def broadcast may not be good news to the many lawmakers who regularly appear on the show: Hi-definition television makes it much easier to see make-up, and MTP is known for sparing no shade of foundation for its often middle-aged guests. House Minority Leader John Boehner (R-Ohio) became the target of a widely circulated joke in the satirical newspaper The Onion last year after appearing on MTP in an especially bright shade of foundation. The Onion's headline at the time: "Congressman Boehner's Terror Alert Skin Set Back to Orange."