Actor Ben Stiller is in Haiti on a humanitarian visit and he found himself on the same tarmac as first lady Michelle Obama.
Stiller was with Francesco Trapani, the CEO of Bulgari, Tuesday, waiting to take a helicopter to Ceverine to visit a school he founded when Obama and second lady Dr. Jill Biden arrived in Port-au-Prince for the unannounced visit.
The actor tweeted: “First Lady landing in Haiti. 10:40 am. She is doing lots of good work here.”  Stiller, an outspoken Democrat, was an early supporter of President Barack Obama's, has donated more than $45,000 to Democrats in the past five years.
Stiller founded the Ceverine school as part of his Stillerstrong Foundation Haitian school initiative, with merged with Artists for Peace and Justice Foundation (APJ) to bring additional relief efforts to the earthquake-ravished country.
Obama and Biden arrived in Haiti Tuesday morning for the surprise visit, where they took a helicopter tour of Port-au-Prince. The visit marks the three-month anniversary of the 7.0 magnitude earthquake.
And Stiller might not be the only celebrity Obama and Biden run into. Also in Haiti for the APJ visit are the charity's founder Paul Haggis, Gerard Butler, Demi Moore, Susan Sarandon and Olivia Wilde.