Klobuchar gives Christopher Buckley props

Conservative author Christopher Buckley got a shout-out from a very unlikely source on Tuesday: Minnesota Democratic Sen. Amy Klobuchar.

Appearing on the liberal talk show host Bill Press's radio show, Klobuchar brought up Buckley's 2009 book about a Supreme Court vacancy when asked about the current seat about to be vacated by retiring Justice John Paul Stevens.

"Actually Christopher Buckley wrote a book about a TV judge going on the Supreme Court," Klobuchar said, joking about the prospects of a TV judge like Judge Judy being appointed to the bench.

In Buckley's novel, "Supreme Courtship," a TV judge is selected after senators in both parties reject more conventional nominees.

Buckley is the son of William F. Buckley, a conservative icon who founded National Review magazine, and who died in 2008.

The younger Buckley actually endorsed then-Senator Barack Obama's presidential campaign, in a move that spurred a public break with his father's magazine. Since then, Christopher Buckley has been more critical about the president and Democrats in Congress.