"Maliyah" was the fastest-growing name in popularity in 2009, a jump that the Social Security Administration attributes to the first daughter.

According to data released Friday, "Maliyah" rose from the 638th most popular name in 2008 to the 296th most popular in 2009. Though the first daughter's name is spelled "Malia," the Social Security Administration says the jump for "Maliyah" is "undoubtedly ... related to the popularity of the first family."

"Malia" with an "i" also had a big jump, ranking as the ninth-fastest-rising name over the past year.

Sasha Obama (at right, here) may also be inspiring some baby names, though not as many as her sister. "Sasha" rose from the 362nd most common name to the 261st. That ranks as the 23rd-fastest-rising name.

"Barack" experienced a modest rise in popularity, though it seems to have plateaued from its meteoric jump in 2008. After the 2008 campaign, "Barack" shot up from the 12,535th most popular name to the 2,424th. This year it ticked upward to 1,993.