The couple who crashed the first White House state dinner were stopped and ticketed by the Secret Service outside the second state dinner.

As President Barack Obama held a state dinner on Wednesday night, this time for the visiting president of Mexico, a limousine carrying Tareq and Michaele Salahi was stopped and ticketed at 17th and H streets NW, near the White House.

According to a statement released by the Secret Service, their limo was stopped after running a red light. The couple is known to travel in the limousine pictured here, but the Secret Service did not describe the specific car.

The couple infamously managed during the last state dinner to get an introduction with the president, and a photo with Vice President Joe Biden.

Their ability to gain entry to the high-profile affair despite not having been on the guest list resulted in the indefinite suspension of some Secret Service agents, and serious questions from lawmakers as to the security protocol.

As for last night's state dinner, there have been no reports -- yet -- of unauthorized guests.