There was something missing from Mexican President Felipe Calderon's joint address to Congress on Thursday. And judging from this photo, it appears to be...well, Congress.

ITK counts 29 lawmakers in this section of seating on the GOP side of the House floor. And 60 non-Members.

Those not in elected office look like a mix of interns, congressional pages, and staff, who were likely asked to fill in empty seats to keep the place from looking bare. 

Calderon condemned Arizona's tough, new immigration law in the speech, calling it "a terrible idea that uses racial profiling as a basis for law enforcement." His remarks garnered applaus from Democrats, while Republicans stayed mum.

So where is everyone? In the missing members' defense, there was a lot going on Thursday morning. Hearings, markups, and legislative business kept many of them unavoidably detained.

The good news is that there were plenty of beneficiaries: just look at all those lucky pages enjoying a 45-minute talk on bilateral cooperation. 

Photo by Lauren Victoria Burke