One would think the staff of the House Budget Committee would excel at a game centered around budgetary policy. But alas, it isn't so. In the fast paced game of Budgetball, college kids have all the luck.

Budgetball closely resembles Ultimate Frisbee, except played with a kickball. It combines Ultimate Frisbee scoring with an added element of deficits and surpluses that correspond to points. And frankly, it's pretty complicated.

But it looked like a piece of cake at the Second Annual ‘Budgetball on the Mall’ Tournament, held Friday on the National Mall.

After a breakfast hosted by House Majority Whip James Clyburn (D-S.C.), sixteen teams took to the field.

And after four hours of play, and lots of terrible puns about "getting fiscal," the Treasury Department's team, Stress Tested, and 302(b)allers, the Budget Committee team, were left in the dust, as was a team made up of Presidential Management Fellows, the 'Fiscal Fellows.'

The victors? Philander Smith College, from Little Rock, Ark.

Not even a visit from the boss could push the Treasury folks to triumph: Secretary Tim Geithner (pictured here) visited the field to root for his colleagues, as did Clyburn. Former Congressional Budget Office Director Robert Reischauer, who runs The Urban Institute, even donned cleats and competed.

"Budgetball is a great way for students to make their voices heard," said Clyburn. "After all, it is their inheritance that’s at stake."