Cuban President Fidel Castro made an unusual fashion choice this week for some of the first photos of him that have been published in more than a year.

The pictures, released this weekend, show the Cuban leader in a white Nike track suit with a visible breast pocket  "swoosh" logo.

The only hitch? Its illegal for Nike to sell its products in Cuba, owing to a more than four-decades-old U.S. trade embargo on the island.

The most likely explanation for the banned tracksuit is that Castro imports his Nike gear from a non-embargoed nation. But rocking the "swoosh" logo may also be a subtle way of thumbing one's nose at the trade embargo, while reminding the world of how well its working.

Later this week Castro is scheduled to give a speech on the topic of how the United States is leading the world toward nuclear destruction. Hopefully he'll wear American apparel for that one, too.