Sporting a new white goatee enhanced with Marshmallow Fluff, "The Daily Show" host Jon Stewart took 10 minutes Monday night to defend an unlikely hero: Andrew Breitbart, founder of and the person behind the leak of a partial speech by former USDA employee Shirley Sherrod that cost Sherrod her job.

Stewart wasn't buying the story that Breitbart somehow tricked the left into overreacting to the partial tape. Just the opposite. Breitbart, Stewart said, "May be the most honest person in this entire story!"

Citing as evidence an old clip of Breitbart saying, "I want to be in the history books because I took down the institutional left." Stewart takes on the left for naively believing the Breitbart video. "See, [Breitbart] doesn't want to be ... a paragon of honesty, he doesn't want to be known ... as Arnold B. Truthington of Accuracy Lane!"

After comparing the Breitbart video to a Trojan Horse delivery, minus the horse, Stewart added, "You weren't snookered!"

Watch the whole clip here:

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