Voters in and around Rochester, N.Y., were surprised on Monday to receive an email from the National Republican Congressional Committee attacking former Rep. Eric Massa (D-N.Y.) as though he were running for office this fall.

Massa, as nearly everyone in Rochester knows, resigned from the House in March.

According to the Rochester City Newspaper, which received the email, it's identical to ones sent out to the districts of vulnerable Democrats who are actually still in office this week.

The email directly quotes NRCC director Ken Spain as saying, "It appears that Eric Massa has no problem with aligning himself with Charlie Rangel and his notorious ethics problems."

The email also quotes Spain saying that, "Massa's refusal to cough up every penny of his tainted $74,000 is a slap in the face to the New York taxpayers who voted him into office. Massa is clearly just a typical Washington politician who is happy to fill his campaign account with dirty money while refusing to hold his party accountable for their tarnished record."

Spain declined to respond to a request for comment about the email, but the GOP has since removed Massa's name from a list on its website of Democratic-held districts who received the email.