The Capitol Hill Challenge walking contest wrapped up this week, and the Midwesterners have it.

A team of staffers from Iowa logged a total of 9,409.58 miles in the five-week challenge, as gauged by pedometers worn by the participants.

Walkers from Rep. Tim Johnson’s (R-IL) office placed first in the "Average Miles Per Walker" category, with 353.62 miles per walker.

The contest ran from June 16 to July 28, the hottest time of year to be walking around Washington. But that didn't stop the more that 1,100 registered participants, who contributed to an overall contest average of 103 miles/walker.

And while they may not have paced as quickly as these Olympic walkers, the combined total staffers could have walked around the earth 4.5 times.
The contest was sponsored by Blue Cross and Blue Shield companies nationwide, which will make a $10,000 donation to the American Diabetes Association.