Democratic staff began circulating phone books to reporters in Capitol media galleries this week with papers attached to the covers, mocking Republican reactions to the request for their schedules, and their reluctance to publicly detail their members' availability during the August recess.

The top of the phonebook cover says, “If you are looking for R’s this August, start by looking here.”

Republicans have weighed whether or not to publicize their recess activities, a fact on which Democrats have pounced, since they've made an effort to detail their town halls and other constituent activities during previous recess periods.

The phone-book cover includes a reference to a comment made by Rep. Fred Upton (R-Mich.). “My constituents know how to find me,” he said. “I’m listed in the phone book.”

Further down, the page says, “But … If you want to find their economic agenda, just look here:” where there is an image of former President George W. Bush.

At the bottom of the page is a line spoken by Rep. Pete Sessions (R-Texas). “We need to go back to the exact same agenda,” said the congressman on Meet the Press last month.

See a picture below: