Sen. John McCain (R-Ariz.) expressed concern on Tuesday for his pal Snooki Pallozzi after the "Jersey Shore" star was arrested last week for disorderly conduct on a Seaside, N.J., public beach.

The senator was speaking to a radio host of KTAR Radio in Arizona, who asked McCain what his thoughts were on Snooki's arrest. The raunchy reality star was held in jail for a few hours, then released.

"We hope Snooki's going to be ok," McCain said.

Snooki and McCain's have corresponded via Twitter over their shared opposition to a "tanning tax" on tanning salons. Snooki is a frequent client of tanning salons, while McCain maintains a paler complexion.

McCain joked about that on Tuesday, saying Snooki  "knows that I wouldn't support a tanning tax because I'm so pale."