Veteran talk-show host turned Fox News host Geraldo Rivera had a "Real Housewives"  style cat fight on his show Monday night, but it wasn't any of the housewives fighting. It was former Salahi publicist Mahogany Jones and attorney Lisa Bloom, who currently represents the party-crashing reality TV stars.

The interview began as a one-on-one with Jones, who described Tareq and Micheale Salahi as "charismatic," but admitted they have "an amazing ability to be deceitful and manipulative."   Asked if they were frauds, Jones classified them as con artists instead, saying, "They're grifters, very savvy in marketing and getting what they want."

She also reaffirmed what Bravo TV execs have long denied, that the Salahis were already contractually cast on the channel's "The Real Housewives of D.C." when they crashed a White House State Dinner last November. As for whether the couple is still in legal hot water for sneaking into the high-security event without an invitation, Jones said "I don't think they're in the clear, there is still some trouble coming down the pipeline."

That's when Geraldo brought on the Salahis current lawyer, Lisa Bloom, a polished Los Angeles-based defense attorney. Bloom wasted no time accusing Mahogany Jones of a litany of misdeeds, from trying to profit from interviews (although she didn't get paid for the Geraldo appearance) to violating attorney client privilege by speaking about the couple in the first place.

Jones, who was unknown in D.C. publicists' circles before representing the Salahis, managed to stay calm as Bloom unleashed increasingly personal attacks. But all in all it didn't feel like a fair fight.

Watch the claws come out here.