Sen. Chuck Grassley (R-Iowa) is known for posting frequent and often candid messages on his Twitter account for the benefit of his almost 20,000 followers. One person who isn't a fan of his tweets: his wife, Barbara.

Barbara Grassley told the Iowa Gazette that she doesn't always appreciate her husband's prolific tweeting, especially when he pulls out his phone in church.

"I had had to tell him to knock it off," she said, reportedly making a motion as if slapping the senator’s hand. "Put it away."

Grassley, who uses the handle @chuckgrassley, is famous for tweeting an episode in April where he accidentally set his pants on fire: "Work on farm Fri. Burning piles of brush WindyFire got out of control. Thank God for good naber He help get undr control PantsBurnLegWound."

Mrs. Grassley admitted she has little control over her husband's tweeting, or, for that matter, whether he chooses to run for re-election. Chuck Grassley has served five terms since winning election to the Senate in 1981.

"I thought the last one was [his last]. I guess that shows what I know," Barbara Grassley said. "I suppose I could have something to say about that if I wanted to say it," she added.

The senator's latest tweet this weekend? "Finishing busy week-15 official events in every corner of Iowa"