It takes a lot to shock Fox Business Network host Don Imus. But author and blogger Meghan McCain did it. Albeit, not for the reasons you might think.

During an interview with McCain's dad, Sen. John McCain (R-Ariz.), Imus recounted his conversation with Meghan a few days before. Meghan McCain is on a whirlwind press tour for her new campaign memoir, "Dirty, Sexy Politics."

Imus said he was "stunned" because he expected "another dopey author" to come in and plug their book, but McCain was "very smart.

"She was spectacular," Imus gushed,  "charming," "effervescent" said she has a "great sense of humor."

"She's everything you're not, senator," he joked with McCain.

McCain took the praise, and the jab, in stride. "Thanks for being very cordial to her," the lawmaker said, a reference to Imus's occasionally gruff interview style. "I'm very proud of her. As you could tell, we don't always agree but that makes for lively dinner conversation."