For most people, the highlight of a White House visit is a chance to meet the president. But for MTV's Roxy Olin, it's all about the First Dog.

Olin, who stars in the spin-off reality show "The City," told ITK that if she were to meet President Obama, the first thing she'd ask him "Is to meet his dog."

Bo, Obama's Portugese Water Dog, has been a hit with the First Family, staff and visitors alike since his arrival in early 2009.  “I have a dog of my own,” Olin told ITK. “A [Cavalier] King Charles [Spaniel] named Benzo.”

Olin was on Capitol Hill to talk about her struggles with ADHD and addiction. Sober now, she recounted a woman telling her that dogs can me more attracted to people with ADHD due to their faster heartbeats. When she first met her dog, she said, Benzo climbed right into her lap.

Olin was only one of the many celebrities in town this week. On Wednesday, actor Denzel Washington was promoting the Boys and Girls Clubs of America and Bill Cosby was in town for the Lone Sailor Awards.