President Obama's senior adviser David Axelrod gave an extended interview, airing this week, to conservative favorite Fox News Channel.  But it's not political back-and-forth.

The topic is Axelrod's daughter, Lauren Axelrod, and her lifetime struggle with epilepsy. The first in a two-part series with Axelrod and his wife, Susan Axelrod, aired Monday morning.

The political strategist tells Fox's Martha MacCallum that his daughter's condition, and her resulting developmental disabiliites, has at times kept him from working on national campaigns.

The Chicago native explained that his daughter had "a hard time" understanding why her dad was living in Washington, D.C. "She would say, ‘How come Barack Obama needs so much help?’”

Axelrod announced earlier this month that he plans to leave the administration early next year and return to Chicago, where he will work on the president's 2012 re-election campaign.
“(It’s) the privilege of a lifetime to serve and to serve in [The White House]" he said, "and I never lose sight of that every single day I walk into it.  But it's a privilege to be Susan Axelrod's husband, and Lauren Axelrod's father, and I want to enjoy that privilege as well.”