White House press secretary Robert Gibbs held an impromptu Christmas Eve Twitter conference, answering questions for the second time in a week from users of the social media program.

Gibbs, the president’s chief spokesman, didn’t make any major headlines in the 30-minute session, but he confirmed that President Obama was reading a biography of Ronald Reagan by Lou Cannon while vacationing in Hawaii.

@PressSec Not a silly q - POTUS is reading a biography right now on Ronald Reagan by Lou Cannon @cavaticat

He also confirmed that Obama was recovered from his lip injury in a recent basketball game that required stitches.

Gibbs defended the deal the White House struck with Republicans on tax cuts, but he said Obama would campaign in 2012 to end the breaks for the highest-earning Americans, which the president agreed to extend for two years. 

@PressSec Yes, POTUS will campaign against extending tax cuts for wealthy past 2012 - we can't afford it @idaveprice

He also said Obama may sign legislation while in Hawaii that Congress passed Wednesday to provide medical benefits to Sept. 11 rescue workers who were sickened by the toxic air at Ground Zero in 2001.

@PressSec On signing 9/11 bill, we haven't decided yet when it will be signed - President might do it from Hawaii @SeamusCampbell

Gibbs also suggested the Twitter Q-and-As may be extended to every day he holds a regular press briefing.

He wrapped up the session confirming for a user who wondered if a deputy was answering questions that it really was him behind the keyboard:

One more - yes it is really me @presssec sitting here at WH @bouncetigger

thank you all for writing - for parents this is fun for kids tonight http://www.noradsanta.org/ MERRY XMAS