Toomey eats 'great wings,' admires J. Lo's 'glamour' at White House party

Outside of Arlington, Texas, the hottest ticket in America on Sunday was President Obama's White House Superbowl party, and Sen. Pat Toomey (R-Pa.) was happy to be there, despite acknowledging that he probably wasn't invited to "increase the glamour quotient."

Speaking to Fox News on Monday, Toomey (shown here with his wife Kris Toomey) said that both he and fellow Keystone State senator Bob Casey (D) were at the White House for the shindig, "representing our state." The Pittsburgh Steelers fell to the Green Bay Packers, 31-25.

Asked about the menu, Toomey worried he may have disappointed his hostess, first lady Michelle Obama, by noshing on down-market snacks, including chicken wings and a cheeseburger. "I got to tell you what, though, that was a really good cheeseburger and they were great wings."

Toomey might be happy to know that the rest of the offerings weren't ultra-gourmet, either: a few types of sausages, deep dish pizza, potato salad, and ice cream were all included on the not-so-healthy menu.

The newly minted senator also weighed in on pop star Jennifer Lopez, who attended the party with her husband, singer Marc Anthony. "I did see her [in person], yes," Toomey said, pausing when asked how J. Lo looks in real life.  "She did -- she did her job in increasing the glamour quotient. She had that covered totally."

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