Rep. Sean Duffy (R-Wis.) might have underestimated himself when it comes to his stand-up comedy skills. 

Or maybe not.

“I’m not a comedian, as you can tell,” the former reality TV star told ITK on Monday. “It was a good one-time experience.”

Duffy’s routine last week at the annual Washington Press Club Foundation’s dinner included a video montage he made that spoofed his 1997 appearance on MTV’s “The Real World.”

The video was decent, but his joke comparing himself to former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin (R) — well, you be the judge.

“We both have shapely legs,” he said, “but she puts lipstick on a pig while I put tanning lotion on [House Speaker John] Boehner’s [R-Ohio] back.” Badum-ching!

Duffy assured ITK that “I’m not going to have a future in comedy.” 

The upside? At least Duffy had a good time onstage. “I enjoyed doing it,” he said.