Famed Pet Sematary author Stephen King is looking for a new star for his next horror novel, and he may have found it in Florida's Republican governor Rick Scott.

Speaking at a liberal protest rally against Scott in Sarasota on Tuesday, King, who owns a home on nearby Casey Key, joked to the protesters about Scott's decision to refuse federal dollars for a high-speed rail project linking Orlando and Tampa.

King said, sarcastically, it was "probably a bad deal -- considering how low the price of gas is."

The Misery author also said Scott's brief reign was worthy of dramatization.

"Maybe my next horror novel will star Rick Scott," King told the crowd, according to the Sarasota Herald-Times.

The event was one of several "Awake the State" rallies conducted during the evening across Florida ahead of Scott's first State of the State address to lawmakers in Tallahassee.

The meet-ups were rganized through Facebook by Democratic-aligned groups including Progress Florida, Florida Watch Action and America Votes.

In his address, Scott called for cuts in spending for education and Medicaid and reduced state employee benefits.