Mike Rowe, the host of Discovery’s hit show “Dirty Jobs” on Wednesday added one more job to his roster of tough tasks: congressional witness.

And judging by the reaction of Sen. Jay Rockefeller (D-W.Va.), Rowe could have a future in politics.

The genial TV host addressed a Senate Commerce Committee hearing on the decline in manufacturing jobs, but before Rowe even spoke, Rockefeller was smitten.

“My wife thinks you’re terrific,” he told Rowe. The witness didn’t miss a beat, “Your wife has excellent taste, sir. Thank you and give her my regards.”

Rockefeller promised he would.

Rowe’s opening statement was a big hit, thanks to a couple of plumbing jokes and a solid pro-America message. Rockefeller soaked it all up, at one point turning to the audience and exclaiming, “I have a smart wife!”

The senator was forced to draw the line a few minutes later, however, when Rowe offered to go to the Senate floor and vote on Rockefeller’s behalf.

“I’ll vote,” Rowe suggested.

Rockefeller laughed, “You can’t.”

“No?” asked Rowe.

“You can try, but you can’t.”