President Obama took his daughters to get ice cream on Father's Day.

Their chosen destination on Sunday evening was Thomas Sweet Ice Cream and Chocolate store in Georgetown.

Obama, his daughters Malia (12) and Sasha (10), and an an unidentified niece and nephew visited the store briefly with limited security and a quiet motorcade, according to the White House press report.

No word on whether the president prefers sundaes or cones, but the flavors selected on Sunday included cookie dough and vanilla ice cream, according to the blog ObamaFoodorama.

The president also marked Father's Day by kicking off the Year of Strong Fathers, Strong Families initiative, which aims to support dads spending time with their kids through discounts on outings to the zoo or sports games.

Thomas Sweet is a Georgetown institution, founded in 1979. The menu includes fudge, frozen yogurt and ice cream.

The president will be without his family this week. Malia and Sasha left Monday with First lady Michelle Obama on a trip to Africa.