A politician and a comedian are going head-to-head to decide whose noggin is the biggest.

New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie (R) tweeted a clip from NBC's "Tonight Show" on Tuesday called "Is his head bigger than mine?"

In it, host Jay Leno compared his head size to that of the governor's. Leno's head appears to be bigger.

And, to answer the question posed by the segment's title, Leno states: "No."

Christie doubted that the results were definitive, though, tweeting, "Idk [I don't know] @jayleno, it’s a close call!"

Leno frequently references the size of his head as a source of jokes on his show. The phrase "Jay Leno syndrome" has even been used to refer to an unexpectedly large head. Christie is known for being a large man and has joked about his stature in the past, but isn't known for a "syndrome" yet.