Rep. Paul Gosar (R – Ariz.) confirms through his office that a staffer has resigned after apparently sending a series of violent and explicit messages on Twitter.

Blake Schritter, a case worker in the congressman’s district office, reportedly went on a tweeting tirade using his personal Twitter account. In one of the messages Schritter wrote, “I can’t believe how unprofessional liberal professors can be. I’m sitting here, cleaning my gun, thinking…this is a classroom!!!” In another, the staffer tweeted, "The Rep. Weiner Twitter scandal is all over the news. Note to self: when in politics, never shag and shout." The report first appeared in Roll Call.

In a statement to ITK, Tom Van Flein, Gosar’s Deputy Chief of Staff, wrote, “Today we accepted the resignation of a staff member that made a mistake.”

While high-profile politicians, such as Weiner, have gotten into trouble with errant Twitter posts and pictures, it’s unusual for a staff member to tweet his way out of a job. The Twitter account has since been removed.