Finally, a politician who's not afraid to admit she’s had enough with donning a hardhat at dirt-digging events – all D.C. Delegate Eleanor Holmes Norton (D) wants is a drink.

The lawmaker was on-hand Sunday to unveil a plaque at the J.W. Marriott to commemorate Washington as the birthplace of the “Rickey”. The cocktail, named after its 19th century creator, Colonel Joseph Rickey, consists of gin or bourbon, lime, mineral water, and ice.  

Said Norton as she sat on a bar stool with her fingers firmly holding her adult beverage: “I’m used to going to events where they shove a shovel in my hands. Thank you for shoving a Rickey in my hands!”

Derek Brown, a beverage expert and bartender at The Columbia Room on 7th Street, says more politicians should grab some booze before getting down to business. “I’m convinced there should be a Rickey summit and they would absolutely fix this budget problem in an afternoon.”

Agreeing with Brown’s assessment, Norton put it a bit more bluntly: “Politicians need a punch in the gut. Maybe if everybody had a Rickey we could get something done about the debt limit.”

Right before she lifted the cloth to reveal the plaque devoted to D.C.’s native cocktail, Norton said into the microphone, “Give us your vote, I’ll give you a drink!” Judging from the enthusiastic applause and laughs, ITK sees a new campaign slogan in the works.