Congressman invites himself onto Grammy panel

One of these things is not like the other: Grammy winner David Kahne, a music producer from the hit FOX show "Glee," country music producer Scott Hendricks, and...Rep. John Conyers (R-Mich.).

But his less-than-melodious background didn't keep Conyers from apparently inviting himself onto a panel with other music bigwigs for the GRAMMYs on the Hill event on Tuesday.

Without a name placard to call his own, and with a plate of food in hand, Conyers sprang for a seat next to the group of hitmaker panelists. A few P.R. folks could be seen biting their nails about their unexpected guest speaker.

While he didn't contribute much to the advice that the Grammy-award winners and record producers were doling out, Conyers did proudly note his own musical accomplishments: "I got a letter in trumpet at Northwestern High School." Maybe he should stick to his day job.

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